African Charity Volunteers welcome any people to work with us. We invite both local and international people to volunteer in Africa. If you are looking for amazing opportunity how to get to know Ghana while you travel and make some impact in country, this is exactly for you.

Our Internship programme is specifically suitable for young people and students seeking for volunteering internship in Africa, specifically in Ghana. Internship will provide tremendous opportunity to gain valuable practical work experience and meet different culture. The Internship programme also provides an excellent opportunity for you as volunteer or student to gain practical work experience in the field chosen by you as individual perfectly suitable for your interest.

The programme director and our coordinators will monitor the Intern’ progress and also serves as supervisors for the duration of the programme. The participant is also guaranteed a certificate from our country director upon a successful completion. By volunteering and studying in Ghana you get to know diverse people and meet new viewpoints which will enrich your life. You would be immersed in the language, culture and the people of Ghana, you will experience country not just as tourist but as a full resident with everything that counts to that.

Volunteers choose their service site based on their interests from our possibilities or they are given the opportunity to create and facilitate their own projects during their stay as well. This is not your average volunteer program. ACV is very flexible when it comes to work with volunteers.

While in Kasoa, Accra, volunteers are invited to live in our guest house or with host families who are dedicated to provide their guests with an authentic experience of every-day life in Ghana. Volunteers are treated as part of the family and cherished as part of the community. In addition to the many opportunities at service sites, volunteers are also taken on several guided tours of famous sites in Ghana. Volunteers are provided with Coordinators in their home countries and at their service sites in Kasoa, Accra.

This is a truly remarkable experience that leaves volunteers feeling accomplished, satisfied in knowing they have made a true difference in the quality of life for others and enthralled with their discovery of Ghana: the land flowing with gold and filled with love.


Sport volunteering

Work alongside schools and local coaches, helping with soccer and general fitness training. You do not need to be a qualified, sport superstar. Just your presence and support will help the children, the students and the workers improve upon their language skills and general education.


For people with more skills in sport field, we are ready to offer placement which are suitable for volunteers with previous coaching experience. Volunteers or students with first-aid qualification would also be welcomed. Students will work mainly on timetabled soccer coaching but there are opportunities to help teach other sports as well. Your role is to have the passion for sports so that you would be able to have children to develop their own skills. You can also assist coaches in football classes through skill development, coordination skills, game preparation and training drills. On the top of this you can help organization in preparation of training sessions and competition, refereeing short games for children and people from the local community.


Volunteers will work with various Christian and charitable organizations that offer free and voluntary HIV/AIDS education in local communities. This project includes compulsory training together with the local experts for a period of one week.

During the following weeks, volunteers and local experts will together engage in training, education and demonstration activities to increase HIV/AIDS awareness in communities. This project is very challenging and participants should be have empathy as there will be different cases. Volunteers have to be eager to learn during all duration of project. There are no special qualifications needed.

Independent programmes

Many organizations and community groups around the world benefit greatly from the service of a suitable volunteer. Also ACV organization will benefit from voluntary work from people all around the world. It is honour for organization to co-work with volunteers who can bring a change.

Through this programmes, volunteers can choose from following fields.

  1. Health, hygiene and first –aid training
  2. Medical clinic and hospital workers
  3. Conservation
  4. Women’s advocacy
  5. Children’s advocacy
  6. Literacy programme
  7. Office assistance
  8. IT assistance and we b design
  9. Vocational training skills-language
  10. Working in newspapers or radio
  11. Law.
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Local volunteers must be at least 16 years old and speak fluent English in order to participate in our volunteer program.

International volunteers must be at least 18 years old and speak fluent English in order to participate in our volunteer program.

Our organization wil conctact you within 14 days after receiving application.

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