What we do

The work of ACV is to improve the welfare of the less-privileged and vulnerable ones, orphanages, local and regional churches in our society. This includes raising the living standards of orphanages in community, promote local sustainable development and education, help rural churches in capacity building, offer consultancy for women and children. In addition, organization arranged volunteering opportunity for those willing to care for orphans and neglected children in community.

ACV coordinate socio-cultural interacting among people through creating opportunities for both local and international volunteers eager to exchange their experiences, knowledge and skills.


Our main activities:

  • Placement of local and international volunteers
  • Building and operating schools for oprphans
  • Construction of orphanages for poor and vulnerable children
  • Construction of clinics in remote areas
  • Offering scholarships to pupils
  • Construction of boreholes for orphanages and schools in remote communities
  • Medical outreaches and counselling